Updated on April 15th, 2021

vaughn mills shopping centre

Large shopping mall required quality tenant meter data with accurate reporting.


Vaughn Mills needed a robust metering system that could  measure and monitor tenant utility consumption.



QMC supplied, commissioned and integrated an electricity submetering system to improve the frequency and quality of tenant meter data reporting. 



Vaughn Mills was able to benchmark their tenants and begin the process of reducing their utility consumption. They were able to consolidate their utilities into one energy management system, streamlining energy reporting requirements. 


Interested in learning how to improve your energy and reporting for your shopping mall? 

Contact us today – we can work with you to provide a comprehensive plan to achieve better energy efficiency for your site.

image of vaughn mills with submetering provided by QMC
Source: https://www.vaughanmills.com/info/accessibility/
image of vaughn mills shopping centre with submeters provided by QMC