Updated on April 15th, 2021

Superstatic 789

New Offering From GWF

Interested in learning how to improve your energy and reporting for your stadium or large project?  Contact QMC today.

QMC is proud to offer GWF’s Superstatic 789 thermal meter for new and existing projects. The SuperStatic 789 a lightweight and robust compact heat and cooling meter. It consists of a flow meter meter using high quality composite materials, a detachable communications integrator, and a pair of temperature sensors. 

Paired with QMC’s energy reporting software MeterConnex, the Superstatic 789 is perfect for home automation as well as local and district heating and cooling systems measurements for individual billing.

As with all GWF thermal meters, the SuperStatic 789 meets MID EN1434 and Measurement Canada requirements. The SuperStatic 789 has no moving parts, reducing maintenance costs, is self-cleaning, and uses corrosion resistant materials. 

The Superstatic 789 is available for the following sizes:

  • flow meter for qp 1.5 m3/h, with a length of either 110 mm or 130 mm
  • qp 2.5 m3/h 130 mm
Static Flow Meter, Thermal Meter from QMC, smaller version