Updated on April 15th, 2021

CF-51 and CF-55

Reliable and Cost-Efficient For Any Commercial Application

Interested in learning how to improve your energy and reporting for your stadium or large project?  

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QMC is proud to offer GWF’s CF-51 and CF-55 for new and existing commercial projects. The CF-51 thermal meter is paired with the CF-55 calculator for precise and reliable temperature measurements. The CF-51 is designed to provide cooling and heating energy, combined heating and cooling, and flow measurement. 

Paired with QMC’s energy reporting software MeterConnex, the CF-51 and CF-55 is perfect for any commercial application, as it can be adapted to any size pipe, both in-line and insertion meters.

As with all GWF thermal meters, the CF-51 meets MID EN1434 and Measurement Canada requirements.The CF-51 can be supplied and powered with either a 12 year internal battery, mains, or through M-Bus. It also operates at a temperature measuring range between 0 – 180 degrees Celsius. 

image of the GWF CF 51 and 55, a thermal submeter available through QMC