Updated on April 15th, 2021

Humber college

Renowned post-secondary institution outfitted with state-of-the-art metering solution.


At Humber, most of the buildings’ utilities did not have submetering nor any existing utility meters. Submeters were also unable to communicate to a central reporting system, leading to potential reporting errors and lost data.


QMC was the successful proponent of an RFP developed by Humber and its engineering consultants, MCW. Post award, QMC worked in partnership with Humber and MCW to finalize the meter system design and specify exact meter types and sizes. As the general contractor, QMC worked with its own team of technicians and electrical and mechanical subcontractors to supply, install and commission new electricity, gas and thermal energy (BTU) meters. All of the meters were connected to universal data acquisition devices, which were also supplied and programmed by QMC. QMC commissioned all meters and communications equipment. The meters report to a BACnet workstation.

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image of humber college, which uses QMC's Advanced Institutional Metering
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