Updated on April 15th, 2021

types of meter systems

If the facility has a manual read meter, then the property manager will read it themselves and create their own cost allocation statements. By installing a fully automated, wireless meter system, though, QMC will collect the data for you on our MeterConnex platform and use it to generate monthly reports for each tenant, and for the facility as a whole. QMC has the expertise necessary for installations at Marinas, Campgrounds, RV Parks, Mobile Homes, and more.

Client list

Our satisfied clients using QMC meter systems and MeterConnex monitoring services to recreation properties across Canada including:

• Quayside Marina

• Vancouver Rowing Club

• Victoria International Marina

• Steveston Harbour Authority

• Newfoundland Federal Wharfs

• Seal Bay RV Park

• Tynehead RV Park

• Rolling Acres Campground

• Ontario Private Campground Assoc.

• Reids Lake Campground

Billing Flexibility

Recreation properties may bill their tenants anywhere from once a month to once a year. The degree to which the property will want to bill and collect will depend on the average consumption and cost of utilities being consumed by the tenants. QMC will establish a meter plan with each client, based upon how frequently meter data is required and how difficult it is to obtain meter readings. Based upon that information, we will design the most efficient and cost-effective metering solution to meet the client’s data collection and billing needs.

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