Updated on April 19th, 2021

Submetering Available for

• Factories

• Warehousing

• Distribution Centres

• Port Facilities

• Movie Studios

Our Industrial CLients include

• Canadian Tire Distribution Centre

• Nestle Distribution Centre

•The Bridge Studios

• Port of Montreal

• Vancouver Fraser Port Authority

we can help with your industrial project.

Industrial buildings have unique needs and requirements. A small percentage change can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Maintenance Managers need the ability to diagnose and solve problems as they arise, not when they receive the utility bill a month later. Warehouses and Distribution Centres may monitor the utility expenses from multiple tenants within the facility. QMC produces and issues monthly consumption and cost allocation statements to the tenants on behalf of any property managers. Port authorities will meter independent business units operating within the facility and charge the entities back for the cost of the electrical, gas and water they consume through their operations.

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