Effective Water Management Needed Now

Image of water being wasted, and how water management is necessary for the future

1 in 4 people in the world will be water-starved in the future. Effective Water Management now can avoid a global water crisis.

The World Resources Institute released an interactive map showcasing what could happen in the near future: By 2030, the Earth will face global water bankruptcy, with 17 countries facing “extremely high water stress”. California and the Midwest also will be heavily afflicted:

image of water stress levels predicted for USA in 2030

In fact, the City of New York has recently approved of a new law that requires all large commercial buildings to cut 40% of their overall emissions by 2030, as commercial buildings tend to consume more energy than residential properties. An effective start would be to install smart water meters. Installing submeters have been proven to reduce water consumption, help manage non-revenue water loss, as well as saving money for both tenant and owner.

We believe in Sustainability Through Accountability: through the practice of utilizing metering equipment and energy management software, direct utility billing and tenant engagement, we can achieve sustainable consumption reductions. In the face of the potential climate crisis facing us, it will be crucial to start initiatives as soon as possible.

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