Is access to data difficult because of compatibility issues between meters and energy management tools?

Updated on March 3rd, 2020


Resolve your compatibility issues. put an end to meter and energy management system tool integration issues. 


QMC’s solution integrates your meters, communications systems, energy management software for all utilities making access to data easier for tenants and property managers.

Easy to deploy, QMC’s  Integrated Metering Platform solution is all encompassing — from project conception to completion, including the ongoing management of utility services. And, it solves the problem of mixing new and existing equipment for all levels of building metering, including key load, building level, and tenant consumption. The Platform includes MeterConnex™, QMC’s web-based reading and reporting data collection service. Because it is is meter-agnostic, we can usually use your existing meters or deploy the best meter for your building, no matter the manufacturer.

For real estate developers and property managers of commercial or mixed-use properties who require accurate meter measurement and data for tenant billing and energy management.

An Integrated Metering Platform can successfully integrate:

  • All utilities: electricity, water, thermal energy & gas
  • All meter manufacturers, new & existing where possible
  • All communications systems
  • All energy management software, new & existing where possible

Learn more about QMC’s Integrated Metering Platform here.


Related metering project profiles:

TD Centre | Toronto | Owner: Cadillac Fairview

QMC is providing consulting and integration services for key thermal, gas and water meters in Canada’s largest business community.

MetroCentre | Toronto | Owner: Oxford Properties

QMC designed, supplied and commissioned a new electrical meter system to replace outdated metering equipment. 75 office tenant, retail, and key load meters were installed for tenant billing and energy management purposes. The system provides near-real-time updates to two web-based software platforms to allow for energy reporting, analytics and accounting.

Pacific Centre, 725 Granville | Vancouver | Developer: Cadillac Fairview

QMC provided Measurement Canada-approved QLC meters for tenant billing and cost allocation purposes in the mall and tower, in addition to the metering required for LEED M&V purposes. The meters were deployed with the open Modbus RTU protocol and integrated with the thermal, steam, and water meters onto a common platform. The data is hosted on the MeterConnex platform.



Download the Integrated Metering Platform overview here.