City Of Surrey Looking At Advanced Water Metering

image of surrey BC with advanced water metering

Surrey already has a water meter program, both mandatory and voluntary. Advanced water metering would give residents  and  the city the ability to track water usage online.

From Jeff Arason, City of Surrey:

“Customers have the ability to look at their usage at any time, and see how it is over the past hour, past week, past month. Likewise, we, as a city can say, you might have some leak, or running toilet you may want to take a look at.”

FYI: Currently, the City of Surrey has a voluntary water meter program for residents and mandates the installation of water meters for:

  • All new residential developments, including Single Family Dwellings (SFDs) and multi-family developments;
  • All existing and new industrial, commercial and institutional properties;
  • New structures; after the existing one(s) has been demolished;
  • Anyone installing a new service from the City Water Main to the property line;
  • Properties participating in Local Area Servicing;
  • Anyone installing an irrigation system; and
  • Anyone who has multiple infractions for wasting water under the Water By-Law.

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Advanced metering is used by building operators and tenants to transform utility usage data into meaningful insights. This leads to improved building performance through more sustainable utility usage and cost recovery.


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