BOMA Toronto Earth Hour Challenge Sees 70% Increase In Participation

BOMA Toronto Earth Hour Challenge serves to highlight what is possible year round as well as stress the importance of tools like metering and submetering to measure and monitor performance.

BOMA Toronto and partner, WWF-Canada – Living Planet @ Work,  thank the record number of 424 buildings and tenants who participated in this year’s challenge.  That’s a 70% increase in participation from 2015! This is indicative of the high level of interest and support for BOMA Toronto and the Earth Hour initiative.

From  BOMA Toronto  Earth Hour:

“For the commercial sector, benefits go beyond awareness, since achieving Earth Hour results can offer an opportunity to strengthen the partnership between landlords and their tenants. By showing what is possible, landlords can demonstrate that reductions can increase productivity at less cost and without compromise to comfort. With new challenges on the horizon, new approaches and partnerships between tenants and landlords will be required, making this a great step in that direction. We really appreciate your support and your commitment to tackling climate change and other environmental issues facing us today.”

Next steps:

As Earth Hour Challenge Advisors, QMC and fellow challenge advisors, Energy@Work Inc. will tabulate and review the submitted results. BOMA aims  to share the best practices of this year’s winners through case studies in order to make year round changes possible and easier. Participants are encouraged to look at how any changes implemented over Earth Hour can be applied every weekend!


Winners will be presented with their award at the 2016 BOMA Celebration of Excellence Gala on May 12th.

More about BOMA Toronto Earth Hour Challenge here.

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