Achieve Sustainability Through Accountability

achieve sustainability through accountability with metering solutions

Attain sustainability goals and improve building performance through tools and processes that drive accountability                                       

Tenants, building operators, and energy consultants can lessen the environmental impact of their building through utility submetering solutions. An energy management system provides transparency so all stakeholders can be accountable for the utility usage they can control. Engage and hold tenants, building operators and suppliers accountable through best practices, energy initiatives, comparables, and results.

 QMC’s vision:


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What does Sustainability through Accountability mean?

Sustainability through Accountability is the practice of utilizing metering equipment, energy management software, direct utility billing, and tenant engagement to achieve energy reductions. With the right technology and processes in place, all stakeholders can be accountable for their contribution to the property’s sustainability objectives.

Each of the main stakeholder groups is motivated to practice conservation behaviors:

1. Tenants will be financially responsible for their energy consumption
and will be given tools and incentives to conserve

2. Building operators will be given access to tools and resources to
monitor and find efficiencies in base building energy use

3. The work of third party consultants and equipment vendors will be
measured and verified


“The sustainable consumption of energy and our natural resources  will be our generation’s legacy. It is the responsibility of governments, corporations, institutions, property managers, owners, and tenants to  consume energy and utilities in an efficient and sustainable manner. QMC’s vision of “Sustainability Through Accountability” will be actionable through the measurement, benchmarking and management of energy usage.”

James Easton
President & CEO, QMC

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