Best practices: Heating / cooling with thermal energy

Developers looking to benefit from thermal energy submetering in their multi-residential or mixed-use buildings will want to ensure they are following best practices to enable cost recovery through tenant billing.  Heating and cooling with thermal energy is clean and cost effective but it requires specialized metering to accurately measure the energy consumed. Because the metering of thermal […]

Energy Management for Building Portfolios

Mike Easton, BBA, CMVP Vice President Sales, Eastern Canada Managing energy in a portfolio of buildings requires a tool that enables managers to see the big picture, with a focus on the bottom line.  Combining all of a property’s main utility meters onto one real-time data collection system, an energy management system enables portfolio and […]

Recent & notable submetering system projects

  Here is just a sampling  of the notable submetering system projects we’ve been working on to enable energy management, LEED M&V, and tenant billing solutions across Canada:    BRITISH COLUMBIA Robson Court |  Vancouver | GWL Realty Advisors Installed a QLC submeter system to monitor key loads and floor level electricity usage.  The meters […]

Smart buildings, Submetering, Smart Cities

  A couple of stories caught our attention related to Smart Cities, Smart Buildings, and Submetering. Smart Buildings are green buildings. Smart buildings help make smart (and green) cities. Smart buildings need intelligent controls including energy management systems that deliver hardware, software, and services that enable energy efficiency and optimization. Together, they allow for better […]