The new Zero Carbon Building Design Standard: Slashing carbon emissions

The Canada Green Building Council (CAGBC) recently disclosed the latest version of its Zero Carbon Building – Design Standard. ZCB-Design v3 evaluates a building’s emissions across all phases of its lifecycle, prioritizing carbon emissions and embodied carbon reductions. As a testament to its continued commitment to getting more buildings to zero faster, the CAGBC assessed two years […]

LoRaWAN: Efficient wireless water metering solutions for distributed networks

Wireless water metering is transforming the way buildings, institutions, or industrial facilities are able to effectively monitor and record water use. However, these meters are an untapped resource for recreational facilities. Wireless water meters are extremely beneficial for effective remote meter readings across distributed networks for manufactured homes, mobile home parks and more. How do they achieve […]

Mobile Home Prices Continue To Rise In Las Vegas

Mobile home prices are rising in Las Vegas with no signs of slowing down.    Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Las Vegas housing market has been rapidly growing. With new buyers flooding the market inventory in the market is at an all-time low. The cost of renting land in mobile home parks has […]

Strategic energy data management in buildings

As society strides towards a net zero future, there are many critical factors to consider in successfully achieving that goal, one of which is energy management. The various strategies, benefits, and challenges were discussed in a recent panel webinar hosted by The Climate Challenge Network, with Frank Cammalleri, VP Engineering at Enerlife Consulting as the moderator. BEST PRACTICES FOR ENERGY […]