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Wireless Water Meters Could Save You $120,000

Installing a wireless water meter system could have prevented the City of Baltimore from paying manual water meter readers $120,000 in wages for hours they did not work. This would have saved the City time and money.


Investigators with the City of Baltimore found that over the course of a year, manual water meter readers would finish their jobs early, and instead of closing off and completing their jobs, they either “drove around aimlessly or went home instead of getting more work to do”, while still being paid to work.


Instead of closing off and completing their jobs, they either “drove around aimlessly or went home instead of getting more work to do”


Strange Policies

What’s worse was that within the Department of Public Works, the organization that employs the workers, had no strict procedures stating they should be working at an expected efficient level.


Wireless Water Meters Eliminate Human Errors

We’ve spoken about the benefits of wireless water meters before, but feel free to take a look at our series: Wireless Water Meters: The Smart Choice. We prefer installing water meters that utilize a fixed wireless network automated meter reading (AMR) system.

A fixed wireless AMR system can automatically collect water meter data, then send that data to where it needs to go, bypassing the need for human interaction. This would erase the costs associated with hiring an employee to go out for manual meter reads, and any potential incorrect meter reads due to human error as a result.

Paired with a robust reporting software that can read meters, bill tenants, and collect fees on your behalf, installing a wireless water meter system would be head and shoulders above standard water meters with human meter readers.

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