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Wireless Water Metering for Retrofits & New Builds


IoT Innovation: Encoded water submeters with wireless communications

Two solutions offer hot and cold water integrated metering systems to measure individual tenant usage and wirelessly transmit the meter serial number and exact meter register to 1 litre resolution. MeterConnex™ enables accurate billing, leak detection and meter status.

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Benefits of Wireless Metering in Commercial  & Residential Buildings:                                         

  • Automated water meter reads using LoRa
  • Reduce cost of data acquisition
  • Better service for utility customers
  • Superior meter read transparency
  • Seamless integration to customer’s billing application
  • Clean technology; saving money and conserving utilities

Why LoRa (Long Range Wide Area Network)?

  • Long range up to 10km, low cost, multi-usage
  • Sensors can operate up to 10 years on a single battery
  • LoRa is a scalable, affordable and reliable data network



How QMC Wireless Water meters Work


Benefits of Wireless Metering in Multi-Residential Buildings:

•         Save time and money by eliminating costly wiring from meter to data collector

•         System commissioning time is 5% of a typical pulse based meter system, and 100% accurate

•         Excellent solution for retrofits or buildings nearing completion

•         100% accurate measurement reduces complaints. Tenant account set-up, payment process, billing and collections through Trak&Save

•         All the benefits of a wired M-Bus system, now with wireless technology

•         For use with GWF UnicoCoder meters

•         Designed for multi-residential and retail developments

•         2-Way  mesh communications

•         FCC and IC approved; 915MHz

Download our 2-page Wireless Water Solution Overview

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