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Capitalize On Your Meter Data.

easily Turn meter data into actionable reports, bills or analytics

MeterConnex combines automated, daily meter interrogation with a web-based interface and is geared specifically toward energy consumers, building operators, property managers, and LEED consultants. Your data will always be in an easy to interpret format, regardless of the type of meter, and you will not need to install any meter-specific software.

MeterConnex combines our own in-house created software which manages the meter data, as well as an easy to use web-based interface for reporting. MeterConnex also has the ability to to export meter data to billing systems or BAS. The ability to create, view and download reports relevant to your operation make MeterConnex a top choice for building owners and managers.

With more data at your disposal, those with access to MeterConnex will be able to pinpoint problems as they surface, rather than reacting to them later. Meter anomaly reporting is a fundamental part of MeterConnex, as users are able to instantly create and view reports on their meters. 

Many manufacturers have their own software for reading their meters, but if you are running multiple different metering systems, you will have to manage all these pieces of software individually. MeterConnex can handle the meter reading of all types of meters and provides the data over a simple web portal. MeterConnex can handle hundreds or even thousands of meters, making it scalable for all types of buildings. MeterConnex is flexible, cost effective and delivers the data you need to manage your building’s utilities effectively.

Meter Agnostic

Many meter manufacturers constrict their users by forcing them to use their specific software for reading their meters, but this can add up to several siloed software programs running independently of each other. 

MeterConnex can manage the meter reading of all types of meters. It provides the data over a simple web portal. Able to handle hundreds or thousands of meters, MeterConnex is scalable for all types of buildings. 

MeterConnex is a flexible and cost-effective system that delivers the data you need to manage your building’s utilities effectively.

one portal for all staff

Accountants, LEED M&V accountants, consultants, operators, and energy managers can all access a building’s or portfolio’s meter data quickly and easily from their own PC. Shown above is the Portfolio Manager Report.


engage tenants

The Trak&Save Tenant Engagement Portal allows tenants to engage in energy conservation through quick access to their energy consumption information.



  • Building Managers are able to access their properties’ meter data for reading, reporting, and analysis. MeterConnex offers advanced data reporting and graphing capabilities including co-incidental demand, power factor analysis, load duration and year-to-date analysis.
  • MeterConnex can be paired with both QMC supplied electricity, water, gas, and thermal utility meters as well as many meters supplied by other vendors.
  • Energy managers and consultants can view energy profiles online, compare key loads and building performance within a building or across entire portfolios, and download all raw meter data into customized Excel or CSV files.
  • Tenants are able to access energy usage information and energy profiles for their specific meter(s). They can pinpoint where, when and how much energy is used, identify areas of excessive and/or unnecessary consumption, and track their energy conservation efforts.

MeterConnex is the most timely and cost-effective method of retrieving and managing meter data. It brings knowledge and allows you to control your energy use.


Get results with automation

The right energy management tools will allow your building operators to identify poor energy performance, take action, and evaluate savings. MeterConnex comes equipped with advanced algorithms allowing for automated reports and alerts in near real-time;  saving you from rising energy costs.

MeterConnex Portfolio Manager

MeterConnex is a flexible and cost-effective system that delivers the data you need to manage your building’s utilities effectively. We are also authorized for data exchange with ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager®.


meterconnex features

  • Easy access to meter data for tenants and administrators
  • Intuitive and customizable web interface
  • Customized reports and data formats
  • Real-time meter reporting available (dependent on meter ability)
  • Built-in data redundancy ensures meter readings are accurate and delivered on time
  • Application Service Provider (ASP) model requires no in-house IT support
  • Daily or weekly snapshots of meter readings available
  • Tenant dashboard
  • Building automation
  • Meter Data Validation; automatically evaluating the data presented and verifying it against past data history to ensure the new data it is in line with historical data
  • Fully compatible with the latest versions of Internet Explorer 6.0+, Firefox, Opera and other browsers without the need of 3rd party plug-ins