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Integrated Submetering

Manage Critical Energy Loads with Key Load Metering

Advanced Metering Infrastructure  

Some extraordinary key loads, such as data centres and parkades, are metered so they can be deducted from a property’s total energy consumption, thus improving its overall energy performance rating.

QMC works with operations teams at commercial and institutional properties to deploy advanced metering infrastructure and software to manage these critical loads. QMC can deploy these metering systems in a combination of ways:

  • Integrating with existing meters on these key loads
  • Adding new meters to these loads
  • Integrating with data points available in the building automation system
  • Integrating directly with the pieces of equipment (such as chillers, UPS of data centres)

QMC Key  Load Report

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Benefits of Key Load Metering

When you deploy key load metering for your building or portfolio, you can:

  • Identify which loads are your largest consumers of utilities and allocate these costs accordingly
  • Receive alerts and scheduled reports that help you monitor loads and correct abnormal use
  • Monitor load efficiency as a component of preventative maintenance
  • Target disproportionate loads as part of peak shedding programs
  • Conduct measurement and verification (M&V) of any retrofits
  • Isolate disproportionate loads for energy intensity and sustainability reporting purposes


Download The Solution overview for Key Load, Portfolio and Building level metering