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Integrated Submetering

"I have worked with QMC on several large commercial submetering deployments, where electrical and mechanical meters, advanced communications and software all required integration. Their team brought extensive expertise to the project’s design, integration of existing and new meters, project management and commissioning of the entire system."

Peter Daldoss P.Eng., C.E.M. WSP Canada Inc.


We provide a variety of submetering solutions for property managers, owners, developers, institutions and more. Our integrated metering platform unites all your different utilities into a single system and our web-based MeterConnex software lets both tenants and owners view individual usage data quickly and easily from any computer. Making meter data easily accessible not only lets you bill tenants accurately for individual usage, it also helps reduce energy consumption. Read on to find out more about how our solutions can benefit you.


MeterConnex solves the problem of how to get meter readings out of the meter and into a meaningful format for analysis. It combines automated, daily meter interrogation with a web-based interface. MeterConnex is designed to be used easily by energy consumers, building operators, property managers and energy or LEED consultants.


With MeterConnex, data will always be presented in an easy to interpret format, regardless of the type of meter you have. And there’s no need to install any meter-specific software. Our own, in-house software combines with a web-based interface, making it easy to generate, view, and download reports based on your meter data.


Many manufacturers have their own software for reading their meters, but if you are running multiple different metering systems, you will have to manage all these pieces of software individually. MeterConnex can handle the meter reading of all types of meters and provides the data over a simple web portal. It’s also scalable to all different types and sizes of buildings and can handle hundreds or even thousands of meters at one time. It’s flexible, cost-effective and delivers the data you need to manage your building’s utilities effectively.

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Integrated Metering Platform

QMC’s Integrated Metering Platform is a complete utility metering platform for the integration of systems and access to data in order to help resolve energy management and compatibility issues. This enables seamless networking of existing equipment and software into new installations. You'll have full compatibility with all meter types for all utility types, and all communication platforms. Systems and data are integrated for all levels of building metering, including key load, building level, and tenant consumption. QMC’s custom property-specific submeter solution can integrate and solve any metering problem.

Multi-Residential Metering, Billing & Collections

QMC’s Trak&Save is a turn-key multi-residential submetering service package that allows for the tracking of tenant utility usage more effectively. Utility metering, billing & collections all hassle free.

1. Measure tenant utility usage for water, electricity, gas, and more.

2. Bill tenants more accurately for their utility usage

3. Collect tenant consumption based on accurate figures

Building Level & Portfolio Metering

Managing meter points allows a property manager to understand when and where the property is using utilities. This is the start of building level energy management. The most important meter points of any property are main electricity, water, district energy and gas feeds.

QMC works with national commercial, institutional, and residential portfolios to integrate with their main utility meters; from the initial site survey to coordinating with the local utility. We provide this data to multiple end-points, including QMC’s Meterconnex or existing software providers.


Submetering is a key component of LEED certified buildings. Now more than ever, consultants, property managers, and developers want an end-to-end solution that will allow them to achieve LEED credits in a cost-effective way. To help your system reach that goal, QMC makes sure your system is designed and deployed right from start to finish.

Helping You Achieve LEED Certification

Because we design, deliver, and implement, the QMC team ensures each piece of the project hardware and software is compatible with LEED certification guidelines. We’ll provide you with everything you need, including…

Design specifications


Project management


Software reporting

Our Turnkey System

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Key Load Metering

Understanding how critical loads within a property are consuming energy and water utilities is a critical component of monitoring and targeting programs. This allows the property to allocate energy use to various building systems and these key loads can also be monitored to determine their efficiency and track improvements made from retrofits, schedule changes, etc.

EV Charging Station Metering

Developers and property managers of mixed-use and multi-family properties are installing electric vehicle charging stations on their properties to meet new building codes and requirements. Occupants may choose to purchase or rent a parking stall with an electrical charging outlet. Metering of each receptacle will ensure fair and accurate cost allocation for the energy consumed by each vehicle being charged.

Wireless Water Metering

QMC’s end-to-end hot and cold water metering solution allows developers, contractors, engineers and submetering companies to incorporate metering into their multi-residential or commercial property development project. Each system is designed project-specific, so you get the best solution for your building -- even for retrofits or buildings nearing completion.

Your Project-Specific QMC Water Metering Solution Includes:

• Complete system design and project management for multi-residential properties; new construction or retrofits

• Triple commissioning of meter installation to ensure accurate data

• MeterConnex™ web-based meter reading and reporting for building operators and tenants

• Training, conservation tips and information provided to property management and tenants

Enhance the Utility Value Chain:

Improve customer-related business processes

• Lower operating expenses

• Improve asset management

• Faster data acquisition

• Improve customer engagement & transparency

Learn how a wireless hot & cold water meter system can save you and your tenants money.

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Thermal BTU Metering

The use of thermal energy to heat and cool buildings is gaining traction in Canada. Thermal energy is clean and cost effective but requires specialized metering to accurately measure energy consumed. QMC employs industry best practices as recommended by Measurement Canada, from well-established European standards. QMC’s White Paper “Thermal Energy Metering: Regulations and Best Practices for the Canadian Market” provides an examination and explanation of the issues for the effective measurement of thermal energy.

Regulatory Services


QMC is a Measurement Canada Accredited Meter Verifier. We re-verify the tenant billing systems we have deployed as well as other meter systems. If you need a meter reverification completed, please contact you QMC representative.


Measurement Canada requires electricity and gas revenue meters to be re-verified after a 6-10 year seal period.