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Energy Management Software

QMC often partners with leading international energy management software (EMS) developers to provide turnkey advanced energy management systems to commercial and institutional customers within Canada.

With locations across Canada and extensive knowledge of many meter manufacturers for all utilities, as well as most communications systems, QMC is well suited to assist in national EMS deployments. We are the ‘boots on the ground’ to ensure meter data is properly collected and transmitted to the EMS.

QMC can also assist its clients in the selection, deployment and integration of an EMS. 


Two leading edge suppliers of energy management software that QMC has worked with are:


EFT Energy Inc.

Designed and perfected in Ireland over the past decade, EFT Energy is one of the premium enterprise energy management softwares available on the market. Easy to use and easy to customize to your organization’s specific energy management needs. Key features include drill down analysis, alarming, dozens of ready-to-use reports, and unlimited potential with custom reports. EFT Energy is ideal for key load management, portfolio energy management and comparisons, and LEED meter reporting.


Pulse Energy

Pulse Energy offers powerful, web based energy management software designed to provide energy intelligence for the entire community of commercial energy users. Through the use of real-time dashboards and advanced analytics, Pulse Energy is proven to influence behavioural change, reduce wasteful consumption and verify persistent savings.