QMC - Building Intelligence with Submetering Solutions

Integrated Submetering


A submeter system delivers actionable data for analysis and reporting making managing utility usage easier. QMC provides tools and training to fully optimize the submeter solution investment.


Once the project is installed, QMC completes the project with:


Managed Meter Service

Managed Meter Service is QMC’s turn-key solution for property owners and developers. From project conception to completion and ongoing management of ongoing services, this ‘complete package’ solution is an easy and cost-effective way to deploy and finance a metering system.





MeterConnex solves the problem of how to get meter readings out of the meter and into a meaningful format for analysis. MeterConnex combines automated, daily meter interrogation with a web-based interface and is geared specifically toward energy consumers, building operators, property managers and LEED consultants. With MeterConnex, regardless of the type of meter, data will always be in an easy to interpret format, without the need to install any meter specific software. MeterConnex combines our own in-house created software which manages the meter data, as well as an easy to use web-based interface for reporting. The ability to create, view and download reports relevant to your operation make MeterConnex a top choice for building owners and managers.




Energy Management Software

QMC often partners with leading international energy management software (EMS) developers to provide turnkey advanced energy management systems to commercial and institutional customers within Canada.

With locations across Canada and extensive knowledge of many meter manufacturers for all utilities, as well as most communications systems, QMC is well suited to assist in national EMS deployments. We are the ‘boots on the ground’ to ensure meter data is properly collected and transmitted to the EMS.




Meter Reverification

Measurement Canada requires electricity and gas revenue meters to be re-verified after a 6 – 8 year seal period.

QMC is a Measurement Canada Accredited Meter Verifier. We re-verify the tenant billing systems we have deployed as well as other meter systems. If you need a meter re-verification completed, please contact your QMC representative.




Automated Meter Reading

If meter data cannot be extracted from a meter, the continuing functionality of the meter canot be monitored and valuable interval data is not collected. QMC strives to automate every meter we deploy. To do this, QMC uses a variety of communications options to transmit data from the meters to a reporting platform. As requested by our clientele, QMC has standardized on open protocol, non-proprietary platforms to communicate this data. This allows multiple user groups and systems to access the data.

QMC uses many communications options, including universal data loggers, power-line carrier communications, wireless systems, and ethernet based metering equipment.