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Integrated Submetering


Our precision reporting on utility consumption allows for accurate billing, reporting and sustainable building management.

QMC Submetering Solutions


Submetering is a fairly new technology in terms of the construction industry and few organizations are able to implement solutions with professionalism, accuracy and a personal touch. With more than two generations of experience, QMC is a leader in the industry and is ready to contribute to all aspects of a submetering solution.

We provide options to help building owners and managers as well as their tenants conserve energy, and save money on utilities: electricity, water, thermal and gas. Our seamless process ensures that every project’s unique requirements are implemented and supported at each stage of the project from planning through to data analysis.

Our precision reporting on utility consumption allows for accurate billing, reporting and sustainable building management.

The Benefits of Submetering

Submetering delivers two important benefits. The first is the submetering for residential and commercial tenant utility usage – precise analysis of use ensures accurate billing and the ability for tenants to monitor their own usage and put consumption reduction strategies into place. The second benefit is achieving LEED or other energy retrofit requirements to save money within a property and reduce overall building utility usage.

QMC Submetering Solutions
QMC submetering design plans

Tenant Billing

Tenant Submetering or Revenue Metering provides extensive benefits to both property managers/owners and tenants, including increased utility usage information, cost allocation and revenue opportunities enabled by state of the art Measurement Canada approved submetering equipment and services.

Submetering can play a role in helping achieve sustainability goals through better utility usage information and reporting through to tenant engagement.

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Tenant Submetering or Revenue Metering…

Energy Management

How can you tell if new or existing office, base building, or manufacturing equipment is operating in an energy efficient manner? The only way to know is through measurement with an energy monitoring device.

Meters will provide data on the load’s consumption over time and will be able to identify equipment problems that are causing increased consumption and energy inefficiency.

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LEED Metering

Submetering is a key component of LEED certified buildings – now more than ever with LEED v4. Consultants, Property Managers and Developers want a end-to-end solution that will allow them to achieve LEED credits in a cost-effective way.

QMC provides the design, specification, budgeting, project management, integration and software reporting, so, the system is designed and deployed right, start to finish. Because we design, deliver and implement, the QMC team ensures it each piece of the project hardware and software is compatible.

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LEED Metering.

Planning and Design

We look at the existing equipment (if any) and take that into account in the initial design. From there, a material and labour budget will be created using product and service option recommendations.

All specification writing, system drawings (in CAD) and registration with Measurement Canada is provided.

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QMC Submetering Solutions


During the implementation phase, QMC can provide General Contractor services or work on certain project aspects.

New meter systems are supplied and integrated with existing meter systems as well as new or existing automation units and software. When complete, QMC obtains Measurement Canada accreditation for testing, installation and verification.

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QMC submetering design plans


Your project’s needs following the installation of new meters and systems will primarily be about data and reporting.

QMC provides:

  • Triple commissioning
  • Web-based data exporting for graphs and reporting
  • Energy management software
  • Meter reverification
  • Training
  • Managed meter services
  • Tenant engagement tools
  • On-site meter reading

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