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Integrated Submetering

Property Managers

Many of Canada’s leading property management firms rely on QMC for accurate tenant billing and energy management programs. Through project specific solutions, in-field expertise and technical support, QMC is the forerunner in submetering for multi-residential, institutional, and commercial properties.

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What QMC Delivers to Property managers

  • Turnkey tenant billing meter systems
  • Utility reader, reporting and billing
  • Complete Measurement Canada testing and verification
  • Meter systems for LEED M&V, EBOM, BOMA BEST or Energy Star Applications
  • Web-based data reporting and analysis through energy management software
  • Provision of all utility metering: electricity, water, gas and thermal energy (BTU)

With QMC’s experience in the submetering industry, we can come into a new build or existing system to provide input on all aspects of a property’s needs.

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QMC Submetering Solutions
QMC submetering design plans


From project conception, through to completion, experts with QMC’s Managed Meter Service ensure you receive the right solution. This allows both building management and occupants to receive utility data directly, encouraging energy conservation, cost savings, and enabling the property to meet its LEED or sustainability objectives

Show building occupants how and when they use energy and watch the positive change in consumption habits. QMC provides information tenants and property managers need through a web-based portal designed for energy profile or real-time data viewing. Share your company’s sustainability goals or LEED & BOMA BEST achievements on our lobby display. The interactive touch screen can also stream live building energy usage, weather, energy saving initiatives and corporate objectives.



Using QMC for your Managed Submeter implementation allows:

  • Complete metering system design and project management of both new construction and retrofits
  • Supply and installation of electrical, water, gas, and thermal meters by fully bonded, licensed contractors
  • Triple commissioning of meter installation to ensure accurate data
  • Web-based meter reading and reporting to owners and tenants
  • Training, conservation tips and information provided to property management and tenants
  • Tenant account set-up, payment process, billing & collections
  • Measurement Canada Quality Assurance Program accreditation – Accredited Meter Verifier for electrical & gas



Institutional real estate operators utilize submetering for many reasons, including: to gain insights into utility end uses, to implement and track energy efficiency improvements, to allocate costs internally, and to report on and achieve their sustainability objectives, allocation of costs and tracking for sustainability goals. QMC has assisted hundreds of properties achieve better building performance through submetering including details on time-of-use, peak demands and load efficiencies. We are leaders in submetering, and offer state-of-the-art meters for electricity, water, thermal and gas meters.

QMC provides building operators complete, turnkey submetering systems designed uniquely for each project, in a cost effective manner. Take advantage of ongoing support services for your meter system, including reverification, integration of new equipment, and energy management software.

Our products and services meet the highest Canadian and European standards for quality and accuracy. We strive to provide open protocol, non-proprietary meter systems that can integrate with your existing controls and reporting systems.



QMC has assisted hundreds of commercial properties with their tenant submetering or revenue metering needs. This includes some of Canada’s largest commercial submetering deployments, including West Edmonton Mall, Metropolis and Commerce Court.

Tenant Submetering or Revenue Metering provides extensive benefits to both property managers/owners and tenants, including increased utility usage information, fair cost allocation and revenue opportunities enabled by state of the art, Measurement Canada approved submetering equipment and services. Submetering can play a role in helping achieve sustainability goals through better utility reporting and analytics through to tenant engagement.

Tenant Submetering or Revenue Metering delivers a method to easily and fairly allocate energy costs so low-intensity energy use tenants no longer subsidize high intensity tenants.