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Integrated Submetering

Multi-Residential Metering, Billing & Collections

Trak&Save for multi-residential property managers and tenants makes managing utility consumption easy.

QMC’s Trak&Save Submetering Service is an intelligent turn-key submetering solution for property owners and developers of multi-residential buildings. Easy tracking of tenant consumption and hassle-free utility billing and collections help property managers recover utility costs more effectively. Trak&Save is a complete, customized package including meter hardware, software for reporting and billing, and ongoing equipment maintenance.

Accurate Usage Data

The Trak&Save submetering service provides accurate usage data for each tenant in a multi-tenant property, rather than using engineered formulas or estimates based on square footage allocation. This allows for…

  • Better reporting and cost allocation
  • Verification of bill accuracy for incoming utilities
  • Allows tenants to track and measure their consumption
  • Better allocation of utilities for shared areas such as lobbies or parkades
  • Integration with building automation to monitor critical loads
  • LEED and BOMA BESt reporting to compare tenant usage against a baseline
  • Automatic alerts when one tenant or section passes a given usage threshold or consistently generates a disproportionate load—e.g. a data centre, or tenants who operate 24 hours a day

Download the overview of QMC’s Trak&Save Submetering Solution for Multi-Residential Properties

Trak&Save Submetering



Trak&Save for Property Managers 

QMC’s Trak&Save Submetering Service provides property managers with

  • Real time monitoring with alert capability
  • Full system training
  • Tools to engage tenants through the Trak&Save portal
  • Easy to use web-based software through MeterConnex™
  • Reporting for LEED, BOMA BESt, ENERGY STAR or benchmarking
  • Revenue-grade meter equipment for electricity, water, thermal energy or gas utilities
  • Meter equipment maintenance and reverification

Utility Conservation 

Use Trak&Save to help promote utility conservation by implementing:

  • Hot & Cold encoded wireless water meters for new construction, completed or retrofit buildings
  • Thermal energy metering
  • Electricity metering including EV charging stations
  • Gas metering
  • Automated meter reading (AMR)


Trak&Save for Tenants 

The Trak&Save service doesn’t just make things easier for building managers. It also helps tenants, allowing them to view at a glance…

  • Their individual utility bills
  • Energy consumption reports
  • Account services
  • And more!

Check out our Trak&Save tenant portal 


QMC is proud to provide metering, billing, and collections for multi-residential buildings across Western Canada, including:

Amble Ventures, Calgary, Amble Ventures

QMC provided meter reading, tenant invoicing and invoice collections for Garden Towers, Westview Heights and 1215 5th. All three properties are multi-family high-rise buildings utilizing Triacta electrical metering and GWF water metering. Across all three properties, QMC executed the installation, commissioning, and invoicing on over 660 suites.