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Thermal Meters

Thermal meters are used to measure energy from hydronic-based heating and cooling systems.

QMC utilizes thermal meter systems from leading North American and European meter manufacturers, including GWF. All our meters help achieve similar goals including:

  • Long-term financial stability
  • Profitability
  • Environmental considerations
  • Rate stabilization for customers.

Understanding Thermal Metering

Although district energy technology is not new, it’s only recently begun to be understood from a consumer perspective. In order to attain that understanding, customers require better expertise and their utilities require better transparency.

Our white paper on thermal energy metering can help you gain that understanding. It looks at regulations and best practices for the Canadian marketplace and provides a comprehensive overview of what you need to know about thermal energy metering.

Click Here to download QMC’s white paper.


QMC’s thermal meter systems are used for key load management or residential heating/cooling applications. We provide stand-alone meters or complete metering systems. QMC will supply the flow meters, temperature sensors, and thermal calculators, along with any necessary connection pieces.

Stand-alone thermal meters

QMC will assist in specifying and supplying the correct thermal meter for integration into your BAS or EMS. We supply all sizes of in-line and insertion meters.

Complete Thermal Submetering Systems

QMC will design and deploy an automated thermal meter system on an M-Bus communications network using GWF Thermal Metering Technology. The meters will comply with the thermal metering standard EN-1434 to ensure all meter reads are accurate and reliable.

We look forward to assisting you with your thermal submetering project.


QMC utilizes the GWF line of thermal (BTU) meters for residential, commercial and institutional applications. Manufactured in Germany, these meters meet the highest international standards for accuracy and reliability, including EN1434 and upcoming Measurement Canada regulations, which will take effect in 2018.

The meters communicate through and are powered over an M-Bus 2-wire network. This helps to:

  • Reduce installation costs
  • Improve meter data integrity
  • Enable an unlimited product lifespan


Key Features:

  • German made: quality products provide longer meter life and improved accuracy
  • High Accuracy to help recover utility costs: GWF Thermal solutions meet MID EN1434 and Measurement Canada requirements.
  • Absolute meter readings with the M-Bus communications standard
  • Power-over-M-Bus, which saves installation costs – No batteries or external power required
  • UltraMaxxV residential meter – compact, and includes an integrated ultrasonic flow meter, temperature sensor, and calculator. Ideal for installations in the fan coil unit or heat pump.
  • Ultrasonic flow meter: no moving parts, therefore no blockage. Very accurate in any flow level, from low to high.
  • CF-51 and CF-55 commercial models, which can be adapted to any size pipe (both in-line and insertion meters)
  • Combined Meter – can measure both heating and cooling
  • Extensive programming of all factors done at factory (K factors to be programmed on meter or software)
  • Flexible mounting options – easy to install in fan coil/heat pump factory or retrofit at site

Brochure: GWF_thermal_CF-55-Calculator_EPe20527.pdf

Brochure: CF-51 and CF-55 Combined heat and cooling meter_EPe20528

Brochure: Integral-V_UltraMaXX_EPe20316

QMC utilizes the GWF line of thermal meters.

New From GWF

QMC is proud to offer GWF’s Superstatic 440 thermal meter for new and existing projects. The SuperStatic 440 is designed to provide cooling and heating energy, combined heating and cooling, and flow measurement. Paired with QMC’s energy reporting software MeterConnex, the Superstatic 440 is perfect for district heating networks, industry installations, and heat cost allocation.

As with all GWF thermal meters, the SuperStatic 440 meets MID EN1434 and Measurement Canada requirements. The SuperStatic 440 can manage low to very high flow rates, from qp 1.5 to 1500 m3/h. With the accompanying Supercal calculator, the SuperStatic 440 can be equipped with a variety of communication interfaces. 

Brochure: GWF SuperStatic 440 Data Sheet PDF.

Brochure: GWF SuperStatic 440 Installation Guide PDF

Supercal 531 Certified for BACnet through BTL

Image of a GWF SuperStatic 440 thermal meter, available in projects with QMC services.

Additional Thermal Meter Options

QMC also offers additional Thermal Meter models from other manufacturers, including:

  • Kamstrup
  • Landis + Gyr
  • Endress Hauser

QMC can integrate all types of existing thermal meters to make your system upgrade and integration run smoothly.

Additional Communication Options

QMC also supports a wide range of communication options such as:

  • BACnet,
  • Modbus
  • GPRS
  • Pulse
  • LonWorks