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thermal meters

Otherwise known as BTU meters, thermal energy meters are used to measure energy from hydronic-based heating and cooling systems.

Thermal meters can be used for multi-tenant residential applications or the monitoring of central plant systems.

QMC GWF Superstatic 440

Why do people buy thermal meters?


  • Effectively allocate heating and cooling costs

long term financial stability

  • Monitor efficiency of heating and cooling plant

environmental considerations

  • Reduce energy use

rate stabilization for customers

  • Inform building operators and tenants

understanding thermal metering

Thermal energy metering has been utilitized in Europe for decades, but has only recently become prevalent in Canada. Measurement Canada is now in the process of regulating thermal metering for the Canadian market. QMC can expertly provide metering to meet these upcoming standards. 

Further, we are an accredited testing and verification service provider.  In order to attain better understanding thermal metering, customers require better expertise and their utilities require better transparency.

complete solution

QMC will design and deploy an automated thermal meter system for integration into your BAS or EMS. We can also provide this on an M-Bus communications network using GWF Thermal Metering Technology. The meters will comply with the thermal metering standard EN-1434 to ensure all meter reads are accurate and reliable.

Read our white paper

Read on to understand current regulations and best practices for the Canadian marketplace. Our thermal white paper  provides a comprehensive overview of what you need to know about thermal energy metering today.

what are thermal meters?

A simple explanation of thermal meters are that they measure the energy used to heat or cool a room. They perform this task by measuring the temperature of a flowing gas or liquid before and after it enters a space.

Our list of thermal meter manufacturers

GWF Messsysteme AG

QMC utilizes the GWF line of thermal (BTU) meters for residential, commercial and institutional applications. 

The meters communicate through and are powered over an M-Bus 2-wire network to help:

  • Reduce installation costs
  • Improve meter data integrity
  • Enable an unlimited product lifespan



Endress Hauser

available GWF thermal meters

Static Flow Meter, Thermal Meter from QMC, smaller version

superstatic 789

Superstatic 440

CF-51 and CF-55

learn how submetering with qmc can help


Verify incoming utilities

Track Tenant Usage

Allocate Shared Utilities

Recover Utility Costs


improve data monitoring

centralize utility metering systems

open protocol

cloud-enabled data monitoring


flexible and customized

Seamless Integration of Meter Systems

lEED metering

competitive budgeting