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Integrated Submetering


Energy consultants, electrical and mechanical engineers have critical decisions to make on the metering of a new or retrofit project. With extensive experience in the field, QMC is the ideal partner for assisting with metering system design, budgeting, deployment and integration.

QMC submetering solutions

What QMC delivers to consultants

  • Design and budgeting assistance
  • LEED certified expertise including NC, CS, CI and EBOM
  • Equipment and services for Measurement & Verification (M&V) projects
  • Supply of electricity, water, gas and thermal meters all connected to one system
  • Support in integration of meter systems from hardware to reporting
  • Complete Measurement Canada testing and verification
  • Web-based data reporting and analysis through energy management software

QMC offers Mechanical Metering Solutions for Commercial, Residential and Institutional properties.

Metering has fast become a niche technology and experience can be a game changer. With QMC as your go-to resource, tenant submetering, LEED metering systems and key load metering systems are easier to manage and implement.

QMC Submetering Solutions