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Wireless Water Meters: Water Submetering, Currently

This article is part of our new series Wireless Water Meters: The Smart Choice, which looks at Water Submetering trends and the potential for industry improvements; This series will run throughout the month of May. Read more stories in the series.   If you’re reading this article, it means you probably know something about water submetering […]

3 Sustainability Office Tips For Earth Day 2018

As Earth Day 2018 approaches on Sunday April 22, 2018, it’s important to start considering how we can promote sustainability in the office, or the workplace. Most people spend a third of their weekday working from 9-5, and the environmental impacts we cause can seem out of our control. However, small habit changes in millions […]

Why You Should Submeter in Alberta and BC: 3 Facts

It’s no secret that the world is changing rapidly: From 100 year storms occurring every 30 years now to an increase in drought risk in more areas, climate change can be felt in all parts of the world. This increases the price of overall utilities. A big issue in Canada, specifically British Columbia (BC) and […]

Water Supply Shortage in Vancouver? It Can Happen.

Surrounded by water, but without a drop to drink; That’s the potential future for Vancouver, or any coastal city, if climate change and population growth continues. A water supply shortage can loom over any city if the correct measures aren’t enacted early. Impossible? Think again: Cape Town, another coastal city, is experiencing this right now, […]

Vancouver City Council Approves EV Bylaw

City of Vancouver Counselors have spoken: A new EV bylaw states that all parking stalls within new multi-residential buildings built in Vancouver will have to be electric vehicle (EV) ready. This is up from the 20% that was previously required for new multi-residential builds. The only stalls that may be exempt are visitor stalls. It […]