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Technologies to improve energy efficiency

A recent McKinsey & Company report, Greening the Future: New Technologies that could transform how industry uses energy’ describes 33 innovations that could help industry significantly improve its use of energy. At the top of the list, two technologies that all industries could benefit from is an energy management system and advanced analytics.  The estimated impact […]


Cities & communities account for 60% of energy use and more than half of greenhouse gas emissions in Canada.  By getting smart about energy in our communities, we can strengthen our cities & communities while improving energy services for Canadians and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Join Mike Easton of  QMC Submetering Solutions and up to […]

Survey: Energy efficiency and the bottom line

How important are energy savings are to a company’s bottom line?  What are Canadian companies doing about it? A survey released by the Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance presented a snapshot of Canadian businesses with the goal of finding out  attitudes and activities around energy conservation. The survey was fielded with two main groups; a general […]

LEED Metering made simple (and intelligent)

Submetering is a key component of LEED certified buildings and the value to property owners and developers is reflected in the credits available from metering in each of the LEED Rating Systems. Electrical or mechanical engineers and energy consultants play a critical role in designing and implementing advanced submetering systems that meet properties’ and stakeholders evolving […]

Intelligent Utility Management made possible with big data

The vast amount of data generated from submetering utilities can enable building owners, managers and operators to manage their utility usage more efficiently, leading to conservation and cost savings. However without energy management software (EMS) that will automate measuring, monitoring and reporting, your ‘big data’ won’t be easily turned into actionable insights.  The big data […]