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Integrated Submetering

Intelligent Utility Management made possible with big data

The vast amount of data generated from submetering utilities can enable building owners, managers and operators to manage their utility usage more efficiently, leading to conservation and cost savings. However without energy management software (EMS) that will automate measuring, monitoring and reporting, your ‘big data’ won’t be easily turned into actionable insights.  The big data […]

Submetering water: preparing for demand and climate change

The September 16 story in the Vancouver Sun further reinforces our view that it makes good business sense that water, like other utilities, be submetered.  We recognize that water metering for single family homes is a long term project.  The boom of new construction and retro-fit multi-residential properties in Metro Vancouver can  and should be metered […]

The Sustainable Data Landscape

On September 24 CaGBC’s panel of experts will answer questions on the state of sustainability data from utility management and more: Where is the industry at now? And, where is it headed? Hear from an expert panel including Mike Easton, co-owner and Vice President, QMC Metering Solutions. The access and management of  sustainability data is […]

Consumption accountability; water and more

The water shortage in the west has put the spotlight on consumption and conservation.  Water metering and other utility metering is found in commercial, institutional and many multi-residential properties. However, residential water metering lags even though metering has proven to reduce consumption.   The Globe and Mail recently ran a story referring to metering efforts in […]

Water Meters in Vancouver Could Have Saved Thousands

A recent story in the Vancouver Sun highlighting the $300,000 financial impact to Metro Vancouver because of a faulty water meter reinforces the value that accurate, functioning utility meters can provide. The water meter missed measuring the usage of millions of cubic metres of water in the City of North Vancouver because it wasn’t working […]