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How energy management supports green building in Canada

The state of  green building in Canada is very positive as seen in the recent CaGBC / Delphi Group report  which highlighted the significant increase in LEED projects in the 5-year time period of 2009 to 2014.  For us, helping our commercial real estate development clients manage utility usage in a sustainable manner is the […]

In Toronto: Earth Hour Challenge for Commercial Buildings

Commercial and institutional buildings in Canada account for about 12% of Canada’s secondary energy use and 11% of national greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Not only do energy savings mean less GHG emissions, they also mean cost savings on utility bills. BOMA Toronto, WWF-Canada, Living Planet @ Work, QMC, and other corporate sponsors are encouraging commercial building […]

Meter readings made meaningful & actionable — easily.

Web-based energy reporting software allows building managers, operators and tenants access to their meter data anytime, online. A building manager that has access to dozens of standard reports can more easily manage tenant billing, LEED M&V energy management, or tenant engagement.  Find out more about the benefits of MeterConnex, QMC’s web-based energy reporting software. Building […]

Heating & cooling buildings through thermal energy: 4 key considerations 

Buildings are being designed and sold with centralized heating and cooling facilities, delivering thermal energy from either from a DEU (District Energy Utility)  or CHP (Combined Heat and Power) plant.  This allows building managers to reduce their operating expense because of lower energy costs. Important too, the environmental impacts from the heating and cooling of […]

Three reasons why thermal energy & submetering makes sense

The use of thermal energy to heat and cool buildings is gaining traction in Canada. Successfully employed in Europe for decades, best practices and proven technologies are now available in Canada. Thermal energy is clean and cost effective but requires specialized metering to accurately measure the energy consumed. Because the metering of thermal energy is […]