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Integrated Submetering

Is access to data difficult because of compatibility issues between meters and energy management tools?

  Resolve your compatibility issues. put an end to meter and energy management system tool integration issues.    QMC’s solution integrates your meters, communications systems, energy management software for all utilities making access to data easier for tenants and property managers. Easy to deploy, QMC’s  Integrated Metering Platform solution is all encompassing — from project conception […]

QMC Approved For Data Exchange with ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager®

QMC is proud to announce that MeterConnex™, our web-based energy reporting software, has recently been approved for data exchange with ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager®. This means we will be able to directly submit our customer’s metering data to ENERGY STAR on their behalf to potentially earn the ENERGY STAR rating for their associated property or […]

New from QMC: Solving Energy Management System Compatibility

  A complete utility metering platform for integration and access to data that resolves meter and energy management system compatibility issues. Introducing QMC’s Integrated Metering Platform for commercial real estate developers and property managers Seamlessly network existing equipment and software with new installations All encompassing; compatibility for all meter types for all utility types and all […]

In Toronto: Earth Hour Challenge for Commercial Buildings

Commercial and institutional buildings in Canada account for about 12% of Canada’s secondary energy use and 11% of national greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Not only do energy savings mean less GHG emissions, they also mean cost savings on utility bills. BOMA Toronto, WWF-Canada, Living Planet @ Work, QMC, and other corporate sponsors are encouraging commercial building […]