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ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager Scores Will Update in 2018

ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager scores may drop for your building due to new benchmarking data.   Building owners in the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager® program may see big changes to their building score after August 26, 2018. This is because the current benchmarking data uses a baseline from around 2003. Building performances have changed since […]

Wireless Water Meters Could Save You $120,000

Installing a wireless water meter system could have prevented the City of Baltimore from paying manual water meter readers $120,000 in wages for hours they did not work. This would have saved the City time and money.   Investigators with the City of Baltimore found that over the course of a year, manual water meter […]

Edmonton Offers Businesses An Opportunity To Reduce Carbon Footprint

  Edmonton is looking to the future by implementing the Building Energy Benchmarking Program – A plan to prepare the city for reducing their carbon footprint by 2030. As we’ve previously discussed on our blog, commercial buildings use almost 30% more energy than residential buildings; take a look at how NRCan has new incentives for […]

Is access to data difficult because of compatibility issues between meters and energy management tools?

  Resolve your compatibility issues. put an end to meter and energy management system tool integration issues.    QMC’s solution integrates your meters, communications systems, energy management software for all utilities making access to data easier for tenants and property managers. Easy to deploy, QMC’s  Integrated Metering Platform solution is all encompassing — from project conception […]