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MeterConnex offers new alerts and report updates

At QMC we regularly update our flagship web-based software MeterConnex with new features and ‘under the hood’ improvements to make managing your data better and easier. Here are the latest updates:  Alerts: MeterConnex now supports email alerts, allowing near real-time feedback on your energy usage.  Set alerts based on consumption or demand thresholds and have […]

New from QMC: Solving Energy Management System Compatibility

  A complete utility metering platform for integration and access to data that resolves meter and energy management system compatibility issues. Introducing QMC’s Integrated Metering Platform for commercial real estate developers and property managers Seamlessly network existing equipment and software with new installations All encompassing; compatibility for all meter types for all utility types and all […]

M-Bus versus Pulse for water and thermal metering

Understand the benefits of M-Bus meters over Pulse for your water and thermal metering projects.  Choosing M-Bus meters early in the design phase for your multi-residential, institutional or commercial metering projects can save headaches (and risk) down the road. Create greater value and less work: M-Bus delivers savings:  90% reduction in commissioning time and a […]

Multi-residential tenant utility consumption: Measure, bill and collect hassle-free.

NEW…A complete submetering service for multi-residential properties in western canada Multi-residential property owners and managers are challenged to accurately measure and then fairly bill their tenants for utilities used. Installing a service that can easily track tenant consumption through automated meter reading saves time. Then, with automated reporting generating invoices and a service to handle […]

Notable Utility Submetering Projects across Canada

Building owners, developers, and managers across Canada work with us because we plan, design and implement location-specific submetering solutions. Here are a few more of our high-profile submetering projects on the go from across Canada: Vancouver House | Vancouver | Westbank Corp (pictured – photo credit: Westbank Corp) QMC was successful in its bid to provide a thermal metering and a […]


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