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cost recovery for Electric Vehicle charging in multi-tenant properties

  HERE IS HOW IT WORKS: meter, REPORT AND BILL   The Electrical Vehicle (EV) charging station for each parking stall is monitored by a Measurement Canada approved QMC smart meter. The meter is located beside the electrical panel that has an individual breaker for each EV receptacle. Each meter is connected to the building network with […]

Utility Submetering  FAQs, benefits & basics

  Demand for utility submetering in commercial buildings is on the rise because of the benefits for property managers, building owners and tenants. If you are new to submetering, these FAQs may answer some questions about what submetering is, who it is for and the benefits it provides..    What do we mean by submetering? […]

Press Release: QMC announcing new partnership in South Africa

Vancouver-based QMC Submetering Solutions forms partnership with South African Apex Innovation   IoT Utility Management for Water Submetering QMC has signed a service contract to provide meter reading, data collection and reporting services to Apex Innovation for its submetering business in South Africa. “QMC is pleased to be forming a partnership with Apex to provide a […]


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