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Introducing: QMC’s encoded wireless water meter solution for multi-tenant buildings

Meter hot & cold water consumption with 100% accuracy & cost efficient installation. With QMC’s encoded wireless water meter solution, costly wiring from the meter to data collector is eliminated saving money and time.  Each system is designed project-specific so you get the best solution for your building – even for retrofits or buildings nearing […]

Two new MeterConnex updates deliver more functionality

MeterConnex is QMC’s web-based energy reporting software  that allows building managers, operators and tenants access to their meter data anytime, online. A building manager that has access to dozens of standard reports can more easily manage tenant billing, LEED M&V energy management, or tenant engagement.  Find out more about the benefits of MeterConnex, QMC’s web-based […]

Recent & Notable: commercial & MURB submetering projects

Here is just a sampling of the notable submetering system projects we’ve been working on to enable energy management, LEED M&V, and tenant billing solutions across Canada:  Ontario: IBM Campus, Toronto, Candarel Properties QMC was successful in this tender with our solution to retrofit this property with new electrical submetering system and integrate existing ION and […]

Best practices: Heating / cooling with thermal energy

Developers looking to benefit from thermal energy submetering in their multi-residential or mixed-use buildings will want to ensure they are following best practices to enable cost recovery through tenant billing.  Heating and cooling with thermal energy is clean and cost effective but it requires specialized metering to accurately measure the energy consumed. Because the metering of thermal […]


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