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Get ready for BOMA Toronto Earth Hour Challenge….coming March 25

The BOMA Earth Hour Challenge encourages commercial building operators and tenants in Toronto to turn off and make a difference.  In 2016, 425 businesses participated. Now, in 2017 the goal is to see 500 participate in Earth Hour Challenges. Earth Hour 2017 takes place March 25, 2017, 12 am to March 26, 2017 11:59 PM.  […]

Net metering meets thermal energy

Dustin Ingram, Manager, Business Developmentdustin@qmeters.com Net metering in North America is a program often adopted by electricity utilities and solar photovoltaic systems. A recent article out of Europe illustrates those benefits in District Heating. The article is interesting, in that, it combines a rapidly growing utility type in North America, District Heating, and the concept […]

Energy savings in commercial & mixed-used buildings

Even little changes in building maintenance and optimizing tenant engagement can have big impact on reducing utility costs.  In combination with energy management tools, building operators can greatly improve the efficiency of their buildings. Below, we take a look at the impact of maintenance, tenant engagement and energy management on commercial and mixed-used buildings.    […]


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