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We Love Water; Metro Vancouver urges residents to conserve

“When it comes to water conservation, small actions really do add up,” said Darrell Mussatto, Chair of Metro Vancouver’s Utilities Committee. “It’s easy to underestimate how much water is wasted when taking long showers, leaving the taps running or hosing down our cars and driveways.” • A running hose uses 900 litres in 20 minutes […]

Water metering makes sense, even in rainy Vancouver

Reports abound that metering water reduces  consumption. We are in the metering business, and so pay attention to both the environmental and business benefits to metering utilities. We work with commercial and multi-residential developers across the country and have installed  water meters and utility management systems in major developments serving thousands of occupants. It may seem self-serving, but the reality […]

Achieve Sustainability Through Accountability

  Attain sustainability goals and improve building performance through tools and processes that drive accountability.                                         Tenants, building operators, and energy consultants can lessen the environmental impact of their building through utility submetering solutions. An energy management […]


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