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Submetering solutions; notable projects across Canada

  Here is just a sampling  of the energy management, LEED M&V, and tenant billing solutions we have been working on across Canada:  british columbia: Audain Art Museum |  Whistler | Developer: Audain Foundation QMC provided Triacta digital submeters for energy management and LEED purposes.  The meters were supplied with a BACnet IP output for integration […]

Building Excellence; Earth Hour Challenge in Toronto

   “QMC would like to congratulate all Earth Hour participants and its winners, with a special shout-out to Colliers for winning the Property Manager Challenge. Colliers reduced their energy use over the Earth Hour weekend by 53.5%!” Mike Easton, Vice President Sales, Eastern Canada & Earth Hour Challenge Advisor The purpose of Earth Hour is […]

LEED Platinum TELUS Garden includes QMC smart metering for electrical services

QMC is proud to be one of the many suppliers to the LEED Platinum TELUS Garden tower in downtown Vancouver. From developer Ian Gillespie, CEO of Westbank, “The LEED Platinum certification embodies our commitment and dedication to create a world class development where the sustainable design not only mirrors the culture and values of TELUS […]

Easier, more accurate allocations for shared utilities in multi-use buildings

  Multi-use properties can consist of multi-residential, office, retail, recreational, hospitality and institutional buildings and spaces.  The buildings often share utilities such as electricity, water, gas and central heating and cooling systems. Shared utility services can occur between the buildings, tenant spaces, and/or in common areas used by all stakeholders, such as parkades, lobbies, and […]

Done right, cogeneration benefits multi-residential

Updated May 17, 2016 Recently Canadian Apartment Magazine published an article  (subsequently posted online on REMI Network) that looked at the increasing interest of CHP (Combined Heat and Power) from the multi-family building sector.  Cogeneration can be explained as “the simultaneous production of electrical and thermal energy from a single fuel source”. Cogeneration can provide […]


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